1. A Max (Auto or Proxy) Bid will automatically bid for you until your max is hit. It will bid for others too.

2. You can only make a max bid if the parcel is not removed AND the Status is not Sold or "Open For Bid".

3 Steps to create a Max Bid

Step 1. Search for the Parcel of Interest.

Step 2. On the found set, click the Bid Link (If nothing shows up you have a bad search)

Step 3. Submit Max Bid, you can edit until certificate opens for bidding, then you can't

Step 4. You can exceed you max bid by bidding higher when the lot number is "Open For Bid"

Step 1

For Lot Number you can enter 1...100 to retrieve lot numbers 1 to 100, you are limited to 200 at a time.

I make you lookup the parcel number and/or parcel BEFORE you set an Auto or MAX bid for a particular parcel, so you can avoid mistakes.

When searching, less is more. In most cases you only need to enter one fields' data and you will get a list of results to choose from. Clicking the Max Bid does not automatically make a bid, it just shows you the data, and then you can max bid it if you want.