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The smartest way to buy a tax certificate

Step 1: Register

Register on Onyx Electronics' Website.

Step 2: Get Approved for Auction

Only The Lake County Auditors' Tax Sale Department can approve you.

Step 3: Bid

Create a list of certificates you want and bid on them.

Step 4: Pay

Wire your money to the Lake County Treasurer.

Next Lake County Indiana Tax Certificate Sale

April 8, 2024

2021 Winning Bid$20,300

  • 45-08-31-478-003.000-001

3313 W 51st Pl


2021 Winning Bid $5100

  • 45-07-14-101-019.000-003

7227 W 21st Ave

Suggested Work flow

Research, Research, Research!


Research Property

Drive By the property to make sure it is still there. See what Liens are on certificate parcel. Is it scheduled for demoliltion? What are the subsequent taxes?



We sell Certificates by PIN. Addresses are not always accurate. Make sure you look on GIS to validate what you think you are buying.



If the certificate is what you want Register for the sale.


Bid and Win

If you win the bid, you MUST go to court to obtain a deed BEFORE you enter the property!


Find out everything you can about what you are buying if you win. Research liens, demolition orders, GIS, subsequent taxes, and do much more. KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BUYING.

HIRE AN ATTORNEY TO HELP YOU, the process is complex. If you do not do the proper noticing and proper legal work, you can lose your money and certificate.

EVERY YEAR we have someone buy a burned out house. Make SURE you drive by the property! Pictures and Addresses on Google and other mapping apps are old, and not always accurate.