Submitter Information Page

1. Step 1 is to sign a contract with the Recorder and Board of Commissioners.

2. Step 2 is to adhere to the file submit format and the required file structure.

3. Step 3 is to test an upload and email for the results.

This is the Test Recorder Upload.

Submit Package - Test

The package File to be uploaded by a submitter must be an xml file resulting in a TIFF image.

1. The xml file must start with (<REQUEST_GROUP PRIAVersionIdentifier="2.4.2">) and end with (</REQUEST_GROUP>).

2. After the REQUEST_GROUP you must enter the (<SUBMITTING_PARTY _Name="John McKay, P.A." _StreetAddress="6808 Tyler" _StreetAddress2="Optional" _City="Crown Point" _State="IN" _PostalCode="46307" _Country="United States"/>). Insert your information in the proper fields.

3. After the SUBMITTING_PARTY you need to start the request(<REQUEST>).

4. After the REQUEST you need to have the (<PRIA_REQUEST>)

5. After the PRIA_REQUEST you need to have the (<PACKAGE _Identifier="123456" RequestDatetime="2020-04-03T16:11:15">), this element is the package identifier.

6. After the PACKAGE you need to have the (<PRIA_DOCUMENT DocumentNonRecordableIndicator="N" RecordableDocumentType="Deed" RecordableDocumentTypeOtherDescription="Other" _Code="1" _UniqueIdentifier="38238145">) element, this element is can have as the RecordableDocumentType (Deed, Mortgage, Other).

7. After the PRIA_DOCUMENT you can have 1 to many GRANTORS in this format (<GRANTOR _FirstName="" _LastName="" _MiddleName="" _NameSuffix="" _NonPersonEntityIndicator="N">).

8. After the GRANTORS you can have 1 to many GRANTEES in this format (<GRANTEE _FirstName="" _LastName="" _MiddleName="" _NameSuffix="" _NonPersonEntityIndicator="N">).

9. After the GRANTEES you can have 1 to many PROPERTY elements in this format (<PROPERTY BuildingStatusType="" LandUseComment="" LandUseType="" LandUseTypeOtherDescription="" MISMOVersionId="" _CurrentOccupancyType="" _CurrentOccupantUnparsedName="" _GatedCommunityIndicator="" _RightsType="" _TenantsInCommon="" _TitleCategoryType="" _City="" _Country="US" _County="Lake" _PostalCode="" _State="IN" _StreetAddress="" _StreetAddress2="">) followed by an (<_IDENTIFICATION AssessorsParcelIdentifier="" LandUseComment="" CountyFIPSCode="079" MunicipalityName="" SchoolDistrictName="" StateFIPSCode="45" LongitudeNumber="" LatitudeNumber="" MapReferenceIdentifier="" MapReferenceSecondIdentifier=""/>).

10. After the PROPERTY elements you have the (<EXECUTION _County="Lake" _City="Crown Point" _State="IN" _Date="2020-04-03" />) element

10. After the EXECUTION element you have the (<MORTGAGE_CONSIDERATION _OriginalLoanAmount="" HELOCInitialAdvanceAmount="">) element

11. After the MORTGAGE_CONSIDERATION element you have the (<CONSIDERATION _Amount="265000.00" _Type="SalesPrice" _TypeDescription="">) element

12. After the CONSIDERATION element you have the (<RECORDABLE_DOCUMENT>) element then the (<_ASSOCIATED_DOCUMENT _Type="" _RecordingDate="" _CountyOfRecordationName="Lake" _StateOfRecordationName="IN" _InstrumentNumber="" _BookNumber="" _PageNumber=""/>) element.

12. After the RECORDABLE_DOCUMENT element you have the (<RECORDING_ENDORSEMENT _Identifier="" _OfficersName="" _InstrumentNumber="" _InstrumentNumberIdentifier="" _PagesCount="" _Volume="">) element then the (<_FEES _TotalAmount="" _ID=""/>) element.

13. After the RECORDING_ENDORSEMENT element you have the (<EMBEDDED_FILE FileDescription="Embedded Document" EmbeddedFileType="TIFF" FileEncodingType="BASE64" EmbeddedFileName="Document" EmbeddedFileVersion="" ID="" PageCount="1" _SequenceIdentifier="1" MIMEType="image/tiff">) element then the (<DOCUMENT _Code="DOC" _DocumentNonRecordableIndicator="N"/>) element. The DOCUMENT element has all of the Base64 information to create a tiff image.

14. After the EMBEDDED_FILE element you have the (<PAYMENT _AllowedIncrease="300" _Amount=".00"">) element