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Published April 20, 2020, 10:55 a.m. by don

The bid goes to whoever gets the bid in first. The first bid is determined by the lowest ID or Primary key number. If a bidder has a MAX BID, then that will take precedence. If it is a "Live" bid, whoever gets the bid to the server first leads. Once a Lot Number becomes "Open For Bid", a max bidder can NO longer edit their max bid. When a Lot Number becomes "Open For Bid" the ONLY way to bid on a certificate is to "Live" bid it.

I say the above because I cannot control your internet access, some people have fast broadband connections and some do not. I can only control the "when" the bid hits the onyx server, so the Onyx Server is the BOSS.

I will be "Live" to give auditory help.

The sale will have 5 "Open For Bid" Lot numbers active at any one time and they will close in lot number order. I do this to help you keep track of your money.

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