Onyx Blockchain Section
Blockchain is the technology that runs Bitcoin and Libra

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What is Blockchain? - A decentralized database.

What is Blockchain for? - Ideally gets rid of fraud by sharing among everyone.

What Blockchain Technologies will be used? Exonum and/or Parity for Private, Libra coming soon, and Bitcoin via Chainpoint.

What Languages will be used? Rust, Wasm (Javascript Replacement), Python, Move (Libra),

Blockchain can be broken down into "Block" and "Chain".

A Block stores a bundle of information about a transaction of data, and with blockchain that information is stored like a fingerprint (this block is unique to all other blocks by a hash)

A Chain is where all of these unique "Blocks" are stored in the order they were received.

https://www.investopedia.com/terms/b/blockchain.asp#what-is-blockchain has a good write up of blockchain

Create a Merkle Hash for the below image

The Merkle is the hash with the data. It is repeatable for this and all images.

Click the Create a Merkle again and the same hash will appear.

The next step would be to upload this hash to the blockchain (Bitcoin, Etherium)