Question Number Question Answer
1 Can you list questions people have? Yes, I will use these FAQS to try to answer the questions I received via training.
2 Will Onyx or Don be bidding in this auction? No
3 Do I need an Attorney? EXTREME YES. After payment you will have to do a 4.5 notice and a 4.6 notice and a lot of other legal things that I don't even know about. If you do not do your legal work correctly, then there is a good chance you will lose your money. FYI, I am NOT an Attorney and cannot advise you on just about anything related to the auction.
4 Will you list attorneys I can use? Bob Golding, 219-865-8470. If you are an attorney wishing to be listed here contact me at and I will put your info here.
5 Who controls what? Registration - Lake County Auditor Tax Sale Dept
Auction - Onyx Electronics
Payment - Lake County Treasurers

Onyx does not have any control over whether you have been accepted as a bidder. Onyx also does not have control over how you pay.

For Registration, I get a list of accepted bidders and that is all. I do not see your filled out forms, receipts, or anything that was put on paper.
6 What is a proxy bid? Proxy means the computer will bid for you, up to the max amount you put in. You can then start bidding again.
An example: I put in a $1000 proxy bid on lot number 1. Bidder 55 put in a proxy bid of $600. The 1st bid will be $600 by bidder 55, but IMMEDIATELY after that I automatically bid $700. If bidder 55 decides to bid $900, the bid will show, and I will automatically bid $1000. Now my proxy bidding is done.

Now that proxy bidding is over, if Bidder 55 decides to bid $1100. I will have to manually bid $1200 to be in the lead.

Proxy bids normally win ties. I will show the ties, but earliest bid wins, which will normally be the proxy bid. But keep in mind, tie bids are broken by how fast your bid got to Onyx Servers. Earliest wins.